The Scooper

People who bake things are bakers. People who dry clean things are dry cleaners. What’s someone who makes ice cream? A creamer. That’s disgusting. No, that’s not us at all.  It’s not easy living without the noun that defines your passion. However, I kind of like it that way. I’m much more comfortable with adjective anyways. Like this picture below for example…melty, jubilant, game-changing….

Hello! Thanks for stopping by.  My name is Kelly.  I recently moved to Baltimore from New York and with me came my love for making ice cream, eating ice cream  and talking about ice cream.  Since my friend base got squashed with the move and I’ve learned that people on the street don’t like talking about ice cream to the same degree  that I do, I figured what  better a place to rant and rave than with all the other bloggers out there.

I hope that you enjoy my ice cream and my feedback of our local shops and creameries.  Please feel free to leave comments about …anything at all! The best ice cream you’ve ever had, the shop in your neighborhood, or even just how your day was. I’d love to hear it all.

Just like you need to know where the food that doesn’t really matter comes from (i.e meat, vegetables, eh) so, too, should you know where your ice cream recipes come from.  Here’s a little more about me.

  • I’m originally from New York and will remind you of that every time I order “cawfee” or “hot chawclet”
  • My dream of dreams is to open an ice cream shop. In the interim, I work in finance where I stare at multiple computer monitors and develop a big butt.  One day, I hope that my big butt to be a product of my ice cream and not my mass-ordered swivel chair. I do love that my chair swivels though.
  • I have a really cool big sister. Every body should have a big sister. Everybody should also have a cool Grandma. I have one of those too.
  • I am tall but I do not like to be told that I’m tall. It angers me when people point it out to me as if I don’t know.
  • I love history, the History Channel, Wars (of the past only), Renaissance fairs, WW2 propaganda posters, revolutionary furniture, and Presidential trivia.
  • I’m capable of exploding from happiness if I see an old couple holding hands.
  • I love to listen and believe that silence is much better than bullshit.
  • I believe that every girl should own cowboy boots, rain boots and riding boots.
  • I don’t think anything is worth it if you aren’t happy.
  • Calories are sluts.
  • I make a lot of mistakes but at least it’s proof that I’m trying.
  • I hope everyone can have a passion and a dream for something the way that I do because it brings me. happiness every day.
  • I’m very excited about this blog.


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